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Wedding Cake FAQ


The wedding cake is the centerpiece of your reception, so it should stand out and match the theme of your special day. After all, an important photo on any wedding day will be the bride and groom cutting their cake. The cake is not the place to cut corners and hold back. It is a huge part of the celebration and many brides and guests will remember a great cake for a long time!

Will I save money by ordering a fake "dummy" decorated cake and serving sheet cakes to the guests?    No, it takes time and ingredients to ice and decorate a fake cake, so you are essentially paying extra for inedible cake. While we can use dummy cakes to add extra tiers and size to your cake if you want a grand look but fewer servings, it will still be added to the cost of the cake.

Can I choose more than one flavor?    Yes, you can choose more than one flavor of cake at no additional cost.

Can you provide cupcakes for a wedding reception?    Absolutely; if you choose to have cupcakes at your reception we can accommodate that. Cupcakes are becoming a popular alternative to traditional cake, especially at more casual and laid back receptions. They can be dressed up with special toppers, ribbons, flowers or liners and displayed many different ways. However, due to the time involved in decorating individual cupcakes, they should not be looked at as a cheaper alternative to cake.

How much will my cake cost?    Prices are based on the size of the cake and the predetermined number of servings for each size. We have set prices for basic cake designs and the price per serving will increase with the addition of fondant accents and flowers, or complicated and time consuming designs. Once a final decision has been made on your cake, you will be given a confirmed price.

How many servings do I need?    Order as many servings as you will have guests. Each cake size serves a predetermined amount of people and you will be given different options to choose according to how you want your cake to look and how many servings you would like to order. If you need 75 servings, but want 6, 8 and 12 inch round tiers, that cake will serve 81 and you will be charged for 81 servings. If you plan to keep the top tier for your first anniversary, make sure you order the correct amount of servings excluding the top tier.

Can you provide a groom's cake?    We make all types of cakes, so we would love to make a groom's cake for you as well. It can be a fun cake that depicts the groom's interests or hobbies, or it can be a flavor special to him like cheesecake or all chocolate cake. The possibilities are endless. Top Tier Cakes will work with you to make the groom's cake just as spectacular as the wedding cake.

Do you offer tastings?    A tasting consultation can be scheduled so that you can sample cakes and fillings and get some ideas on what Top Tier Cakes can do for your special cake. Because the cake will be prepared especially for you at the tasting, there will be a fee of $25, which can be applied to the final cost of the cake. There is a limit of 3 cake and filling flavors to sample. Please call or email to set up a consultation appointment. Tastings are offered for cakes that serve 100 or more.

Do you offer custom cake designs?    Absolutely! Your wedding is all about your taste and personality, so the cake should reflect that. While we can work off a cake photo or design that you find, it will not be an exact copy of another baker's cake. We will work with you to design and create the cake you want.

Can I have fresh flowers on my cake?    Due to pesticides and chemicals, some fresh flowers are not safe to be placed directly onto the cake. Putting fresh flowers on the cake is not out of the question, though, with special toppers and ways of arranging the flowers to ensure safe contact with the cake. We can work with you and your florist to make sure that your cake is safe and beautiful.


Can you match my colors/dress/invitations?     Yes! You will need to provide swatches/photos/samples for us to get a truly accurate representation. We will make every possible effort to translate your cake dreams into reality and are confident that we can turn out a product that you will be delighted with – but please bear in mind that printer inks and couture fashion do not always translate exactly into sugar form, and precise matches are sometimes impossible.